THE Association of THE TRADERS OF Large CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT – ATEST is a non-governmental organization that unites companies authorized by leading manufacturers of large construction equipment and machinery for import and distribution on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

ATEST was established by a decision of the constituent assembly of 03 April 2017 and today unites the majority of companies in the branch, which accounts for over 80% of the sales of new construction machinery in the country.

The Association aims to create conditions for observing the principles of fair competition among the traders in the country. It actively assists the competent authorities in the decision-making process concerning the commercial and service activities as well as activities related to the exploitation of large-scale equipment in the industries that use it – construction, mining, waste management and utilization, agriculture etc.

The members of ATEST are united by the idea of the importance of the construction and mining sectors and are working hard towards their correct stand in their leading positions in the Bulgarian economy and society, of course without undervaluing the other sectors in which construction machines are applicable.

The association is where the importers of large construction equipment together look for solutions of problems that constrains the volume or quality of their market. The association is the place to achieve unified positions on relevant issues or problems.

An important task of ATEST is also the establishment of close cooperation with other NGO, which are related to the activities of its members, with which ATEST seeks to work in synergy.

The Association takes steps to ensure equal opportunities for the construction companies in Bulgaria to access funds from the European Cohesion Funds 2014-2020 for the purchase of new construction machinery and mechanization. One of the basic principles of the European Union is the Competitiveness and Equity of all commercial subjects and in ATEST we believe it is entirely possible and achievable to provide a separate line to support the construction companies in Bulgaria to buy new machinery and mechanization with money from the EU funds thru the “De minimis state aid” under the EU Regulations.