June 5, 2017

Association of THE TRADERS OF Large CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT (ATEST) is established.

The Constituent Assembly of ATEST was held on April 3, 2017. It was attended by the companies Megatron, Wirtgen Bulgaria, Eltrak Bulgaria, Prime Technology, Strotech Engineering, Roland Trading, Sigma Bulgaria, Ingconsult, Geotrading, Alki-L, Z&M Private Co. and Titan Machinery.

During the Constituent Assembly were adopted the Articles of ATST and the the governing bodies. The board of directors includes Yavor Kolevski of Ingconsult, Fani Asenova from Strotech Engineering and Borislav Todorov (elected for the Chairman), expert-lawyer. Borislav Todorov is a longtime expert in the field of the protection of branch interests including through the initiation of amendments to the legislatives and other normative regulations.

At the next ATEST meetings that will be held every first Monday of the month, the members of the association will begin discussing operational issues to undertake real actions to protect the interests of the companies in the industry. At the first meeting a number of pressing issues were raised on which the founders would start work immediately. Also, topics for working in a longer horizon were outlined.

ATEST is open to new members who meet the membership requirements of the association’s articles. There are already companies that have expressed a desire to join the Association till the middle of that summer.